Beyond the Open House

Marketing doesn’t stop here

You are not confined to Open Houses

Busy Real Estate Agents use any possibility to collect more leads and connected data. With the Open House Manager from Real Team Code you can collect any kind of data for any kind of event. That can be a Valentines Day drawing, any kind of RSVP or a Notification set. The possibilities are endless.

Here are a few examples on what has the Open House Manager been used for beyond the Open House.

Valentine's Day Giveaway

Giveaways, particularly those timed with special occasions like Valentine's Day, serve as an excellent tool for real estate agents to enhance lead collection and boost brand awareness. By offering themed giveaways—such as romantic dinner vouchers, home décor items, or gift cards—agents can capitalize on the festive spirit to attract a broader audience. These giveaways encourage potential clients to engage with the agent's brand by entering their contact information, thereby expanding the agent's database of leads. Additionally, special occasion giveaways generate buzz and shareability on social media, increasing the agent's visibility among potential clients' networks. This strategy not only helps in collecting valuable leads but also creates a positive and memorable brand image, associating the agent's services with generosity and community involvement.

Trade Booth Contest

Contests offer a creative and engaging way for real estate agents to collect leads and grow their network. By hosting contests with attractive prizes—such as a free home appraisal, a consultation, or home-staging services—agents can entice potential clients to provide their contact information as part of the entry process. This strategy not only generates a pool of leads interested in real estate services but also increases the agent's visibility and brand recognition in the community. Furthermore, contests can be promoted across social media platforms, websites, and local events, broadening the reach and inviting participation from a wider audience. The interactive nature of contests fosters a positive association with the agent's brand, making it more likely for participants to engage with the agent's services in the future.

Visitor Notification

Using Real Team Codes real time SMS and Email notifications are a game-changer for homeowners hosting open houses. This innovative feature ensures that homeowners are promptly informed about the arrival of visitors, offering a significant peace of mind. Knowing in real-time when potential buyers are viewing their property allows homeowners to feel more in control of the open house process. Ultimately, automatic visitor notifications streamline communication, ensuring that homeowners are engaged and informed throughout the open house, thus making the selling experience smoother and more efficient.

Charity Auction

For a charity Event this was used to accept silent bids .
Charity auctions present a unique and impactful opportunity for real estate agents to elevate their presence in the community while contributing to a good cause. By participating in or organizing these events, agents can showcase their commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. This not only helps to build a positive image but also fosters trust and goodwill among potential clients. The event provides a platform for agents to network with attendees, who are often local community members and potential buyers or sellers. Furthermore, the publicity surrounding charity auctions can lead to increased visibility through media coverage and social media buzz, putting the agent's name in front of a wider audience. Additionally, the collaborative nature of these events opens doors for partnerships with local businesses and charities, further expanding the agent's network and reputation. In essence, charity auctions offer a symbiotic avenue for real estate agents to market themselves effectively while giving back to their communities, thereby standing out in a competitive industry.