How Open House Management Works

This is how you can turn one touch into 5.
The automated workflow allows you to customize any piece of information the client will see making the entire Open House experience a cohesive experience.

The possibility of managing your open houses and the listing and hosting agents is the cherry on top.

The Old Way

In the "old" days, open house sign in sheets were a piece of paper clients would have to add their info into a list of previous open house guests.
You had to spent hours to find and setup the sign in sheet, make people to enter their information kind of readable into the sheet, then enter their information into the computer and if you were lucky enough that the information was readable and correct, try to get feedback about their visit.

A good way to waste hours of your valuable time.

And that was it. With the old way you couldn't get more out of your Open House Process.

Let us show you the new way!

The Power of 3: A Simple Path to Success

Splitting the Open House process in real estate into three steps is a smart strategy. It's like having a map for hosting a successful event, breaking it down into manageable sections. Introducing a digital Sign-In sheet at the Open House is the first step which can lead to up to five additional interactions that weren't all possible before. With it you can not only manage the Open House itself, but also hosing agents, feedback and more.

Manage the Open House

Manage Communication & Data

Use the Data

1. Manage the Open House

Organize your Open houses with multiple dates and hosts. One property can have multiple Iterations with different Hosts. The host can be you, or a Team member, or another Agent either from your brokerage or somewhere else. Admins, Team Leaders and Brokers can see all Agent activity, including all Survey Data. The lead data itself like Name, Phone number and Email Address will stay with the Hosting Agent.

Create the Open House Event

Select date and time
Use the default survey or create a customized survey tailored specifically to your event
Select a location
Connect dynamic QR-Codes from directional signs for this location

Select a Host

Host yourself
Find a host
Select one of your contacts

2. Manage Communication & Data

Here you interact with the Open House Visitor, your lead. Customize every single step of the Client Sign-In. Make the Check-In process the first touch to a potential lead. And add up to 4 more touches just from the Check-In process!


Client Scans the QR Code
Customers scan the QR-Code from the scan-in sheet or any mobile display

Collect Data

The Client Enters information into the form
Customers fill out your customized form to collect their Name, Email, Phone Number or any additional data you would like to collect

Confirm Receipt

We say thank you
Customer submits the check in form and now it is your turn to say thank you with a customized page

Feedback Request

The system is sending the feedback request email automatically
Next the system sends an email to the customer to request feedback using your customizable email

Fill out Survey

The client is filling out the survey
Customer provides answers to the questions that are important to you and your seller! Plus you have already made a connection with your next buyer or seller!

3. Use the Data

Quickly download data or generate reports for sellers, team leads, or brokers. Streamline, impress, and achieve more with less time and more accurate data!

Choose from a variety of ready-made reports to send to sellers, team leads, or brokers.

Track and benchmark the key performance indicators for properties, agents, and teams. Create profiles for areas to identify peak visitor times and optimize your strategies.

Are you hosting an Open House and want to keep your lead data?
All lead data stays with the Hosting Agent. The listing agent receives only anonymized data and survey responses. Any data collected on the Scan Page—Name, Email Address, or Phone Number—will be hidden from everyone except the Hosting Agent.

Are you both the listing and the hosting agent?
Well, then you get it all!

Seamlessly download all Check-In data and effortlessly upload it into your preferred CRM. The data is ready to go, eliminating the need for manual entry.

For Teams and Brokers: Efficiently track Agent and Open House performance and ensure accountability with comprehensive metrics.