Real Team Code isn't just another digital Open House platform; it's your comprehensive solution for accurate data collection, performance tracking, and versatile real estate management. Our Basic Plan comes loaded with features, ensuring you're never limited in harnessing the full potential of innovative management tools.

Including in-depth insights into how our software can do more than just streamline Open Houses. Discover how Real Team Code elevates your data accuracy, boosts your tracking capabilities, and expands your possibilities beyond traditional boundaries.

The Power of Being You!

Customize almost everything.

In a business where retention and recognition is one of the key factors for success, it is very important to have the possibility to keep your name, your likeness and your message in the mind of potential clients. Customizing does not only mean to make it fit your corporate identity, but also the ability to add event specific and host specific information to any piece of communication you send out. Every option offered at Real Team code offers an edit option to customize your communications to your needs.

Customize Every Detail: Each Section Features Its Own Editor for Personalized Tweaks

Scan-In Sheet

This is the “First Contact” of a potential lead in the digital Open House Process. The second thing a Open House visitor should do, after you welcome them, is scanning this sheet on their mobile device. You can either use the generic scan sheet or create your own. That can be one you use for every Open House or one specifically for this one.

Scan Page aka The Check-In Page

This is the first form a Open House visitor will get displayed on their Phone after scanning the QR-Code.
Here the lead is entering the information you would like to have. You can use the generic form that asks for Name, Email address and Phone number or you can create your own asking for additional or even totally different information.

Scan Success Page or “Thank You”

Once the lead has entered the information into the Scan Page and hits “Check In”, or whatever you would like to name the Submit button, it’s time to say thank you and remind the lead again, who is asking for that information.

Feedback request email aka. Ask for their thoughts

After the wait time you define, as a default the system is waiting for 2 hours, Real Team Code is sending the feedback request automatically, given that your scan page is asking for an email address. As always, you can use the generic, or create you personal one asking the lead to click the survey link and fill out the questionnaire and remind them again, who was asking.

The Survey aka. I have some questions

This is the last step of the Leads Open House Journey. Here they answer some questions about the property and the House it self. As always, you can use the generic one or create the perfect survey for your needs. All questions and answers are fully customizable.

The Power of QR-Codes

Print and change the target anytime.

QR-Codes are a perfect tool to connect the analog world with the digital without typing anything, just with your phone scanning the code. It can connect to websites with more information about a property, about a listing or just about you. Dynamic QR-Codes make it possible that you can print them on anything and change where the link to whenever you want after. So you can i.e. print a street “Open House” sign and let the QR-Code link to what ever Open House you have at the moment. No need to print new signs.

Users, Teams and Hosts

Who is showing my Open House

Listing agents are not always able to host their own Open House but still need the feedback. In Real Team Code the listing agent can assign a host to any Open House. That can be a team mate, or an agent from your contacts, your brokerage or even other brokerages. The collected lead data, like Name, Email Address and Phone Number stays with the hosting agent while the listing agent can see the full survey as well as the meta data, like when a lead checked in.

Lear more about the user setup

Reporting and Downloads

Visualizing and using the results

Once data is collected you need a way to use it and reap the benefits of it with the least amount of time added. Either download the raw data of Open House events or any other event you can come up with, or generate neatly styled reports you can send to Sellers, Team Leaders or Brokers.

Brokers Open and Event Groups

Managing multiple events at the same time

Sometimes you want to host multiple Open Houses at the same time to form a Caravan, or have an event with multiple booths, tables or stations. The event group module lets you pair these events together and gives you a unique overview and report perspective.

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