Brokers Open and Caravans

The power of the group

Sometimes you want to host multiple Open Houses at the same time to form a Caravan, or have an event with multiple booths, tables or stations. The event group module lets you pair these events together and gives you a unique overview and report perspective.

What's a Caravan?

A Brokers Open Caravan is a group of Real Estate Agents, touring a group of Open Houses together. The goal here is to help each other to give constructive feedback on the condition of the property as well as the price. Lots of time the agents are encouraged to give suggestions what can be changed or done better in order to get this House sold.
Sometimes agents even have buyers that might be interested in this property.

Automatic Check In

If the nature of these group events is to have multiple Points of interest, like Open Houses with the same group of people, like a Agents-Caravan, the automatic check in feature makes the sign in experience for the group a breeze. No matter how many fields you would like to collect, only the first one needs all data, all other are checked in with one click.

Batch Functions

No matter what you need to do, if its the same for each group member it can be done in a Batch function. This way you can i.e. run a certain report for each Open House in the group or set the Survey workflow for all by just setting it for one.

Group Functions

One of the use cases of a group is to get an overview, a report or data for the entire group as a whole. Group functions do exactly that. Generate reports or download all Check-In data for the entire group and have a complete overview of your event.

Map View

Often used when planning a Caravan with multiple locations or just to get an overview of the results by location.

Event Group Dashboard

Get all the data without downloading anything. Have a real time overview of all the events in the group on one page.