Feedback Request

The feedback request is an email requesting the user to click a button and fill out a survey about the Open House he just toured.

The feedback Request Email is the 4th touch with the client in the Open House Process.

Why is it Important?

Feedback from guests visiting an Open House is invaluable for realtors, even if those visitors ultimately decide not to purchase the property. This feedback serves multiple purposes: it provides insights into the property's appeal from the perspective of potential buyers, highlighting strengths that can be emphasized and weaknesses that may need to be addressed. This information can guide the realtor in making adjustments to the property presentation or in advising the seller on possible improvements to increase the property's marketability. Moreover, understanding the reasons behind a visitor's lack of interest can help the realtor tailor their sales approach more effectively for future prospects. Essentially, every piece of feedback is a learning opportunity that can refine the realtor's sales strategies and improve the chances of successfully selling the property.

Is it Customizable?

Absolutely! The feedback request has its own email editor for you to customize the email as you wish. There is a default email available just in case you don't want to customizes yours just yet. Sending the feedback email not only saves you time, its completely automatic, it also acts as a email address verifier.

Will it always be sent?

The Feedback Request email is not only customizable how it looks like. You can also decide how long the system should wait until its being send or if it is being sent at all.
You can set if the survey will be displayed immediately in which case you ask why send the email at all? While the immediate opportunity to fill out the survey is sometimes better, like in Open House groups, Brokers Open or events unrelated to an actual Open House like trading booths, having a second chance to submit the survey can be beneficial. There is rarely a case where sending the email will hurt your cause.