The Open House Survey

The Open House Survey can provide you with honest feedback about the property and can help you to refine and improve the listing. It also gives you a reason to contact the client again to get more background information about the feedback given.
This is the 5th touch created by the Open House Sign In process.

Is it Customizable?

Yes and No.

The design it self is optimized for mobile display and will display perfect on any type of screen as well. The layout cannot be changed. At least for now (we are working on it)

The questions and answers are fully customizable. You can ask any question and provide a selection of possible answers for the client to select from.

What are the questions you can ask?

There is almost no limit on what you can ask. As long as it doesn't break any laws or is offensive, you can ask anything. We have collected a few examples onwhat you could ask.