Users, Teams and Admins

The power help

The more successful you are, the more help you need. That can be new team members, or a different Real Estate Team or an office admin or transaction coordinator assisting your daily workload.
Real Team Code makes it easy to add and remove users or to switch teams and brokers without loosing any data.

Single Agent

Lots of Real Estate Agents work as a single Agent. Even as a single Agent you can benefit assigning hosts that are not you. They can be from your contacts, your Brokerage or even a different broker. Just because you are not part of team does not mean you cant use some help from time to time.

Single Agent and Admin

Getting an Admin, or sometimes a transaction coordinator does not mean you run a team, but you have some help for the daily office workload that needs access to your data but is not a Real Estate Agent. In Real Team Code this role exists and can be added easily. The admin role has access to all data, can create Open House Events and edit all forms. An admin cannot be a host or listing agent.


The Team hierarchy in Real Team Code starts from the moment you add another user that is not an admin. Data and access flow each only in one direction. Every team member on top can see all data from the line below but not the lead data. The lead data stays with the hosting agent, even in a team. A team leader can create and edit Open House Events for any team member and assign hosts to any Open House

When its time to make a change

When its time to make a change, we have you covered. When you move to a different team or decided to go solo, your account and your data can come with you. All client leads you got as a hosting agent, will stays yours and go with you to you new home. No need to setup everything again and start over.