The Scan Page

aka The Check In Page

This is the first form a Open House visitor will get displayed on their Phone after scanning the QR-Code.
Here the lead is entering the information you would like to have. You can use the generic form that asks for Name, Email address and Phone number or you can create your own asking for additional or even totally different information.

What can I use it for?

Anywhere you want to be able to collect lead data, that can be Name, Email Address and Phone number or any other kind of data you are interested at that particular event can be achieved with this form.

You are not confined to Open Houses or even Real Estate in general. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Check out some Examples

What happens when someone Checks In?

Automatic Notifications to the rescue!

In every iteration for any Open House or other event you can choose to be notified by either Email or SMS every time a client checks in.
These notifications can be sent to the hosting agent, or if interested, to the listing agent as well.  

How Can it be customized?

The Scan Page can not only be customized to match your design, but also in the data it collects. That can be any type of input field, like Name, Phone Number or Email or a predefined dropdown, i.e. to select a preferred vendor. All fields can be made required with customized error messages for when you want the client to know, that this piece of information is really important to you.

In an Open House the fields are common like Name, Email and Phone Number. The customization option becomes especially interesting when you go and use the Sign In Sheet beyond an Open House. That can be anything you can set your mind on.

What happens with the data?

All collected data is shown in the iterations tab for each iteration of an Open House for this Property.
The Event tabs offers a view of all Open Houses with all collected data and feedback.

If you the listing agent and the hosting agent, all data will be visible for you.

If you are the listing agent, but someone else was hosting, then you will get all the meta data like when a check-in happened and what their feeedback was but not the actual form data like Name, email and Phone Number. We took good care of data security even between listing and hosting agent and all these types of data belong to the hosting agent.

This way, every hosting agent can be sure that the data is not shared with anyone.